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John Cincola is a full-time traveling player, content creator, and coach. He has achieved a World Ranking of #6, and is the 2022 winner of the Mesa APP Pro Tournament. He has 10+ professional medals in his career and is a member of the Arizona Drive Major League Pickleball team.

Off the court, John is known for his instructional YouTube channel, which has over 20,000 subscribers and one of the fastest growth trajectories in his segment. He prioritizes the production of quality content has more subscribers per upload than any major channel in the pickleball space.

Pro. Teammate. Coach. 

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John releases high-quality, impactful pickleball tips and drills weekly—videos which are renowned by beginners and pros alike.

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“Great video! You are like the sage of pickleball. These videos will be watched for generations to come!” – Abraham M.

“Dude. You are an EXCELLENT instructor. Your videos are the first source I will recommend to any pickleball learner!” – Matt P.


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